Brake Service

Unfortunately, during the 16+ years that Rocky’s Auto Service Long Beach has been open, more customers than you would think’s approach to getting a brake service scheduled for their auto has been to wait until they hear the audible squeal of the indicator pads for disc brakes. Although this approach can seemingly save some time and money for taking your auto into the shop, it can actually result in the rotor drums of the automobile being damaged to the point of requiring replacement. For most makes and models of automobile, this will add significant cost to the service when compared against simply replacing your brake pads after our highly skilled and expert technicians conduct a brake inspection. If you have not had a brake service in a long time or have other auto repair needs, then give our friendly staff a call today. The last thing that we want to have happen to any of our customers is for their brakes to fail when they need them on the busy freeways and city streets around Long Beach. Our service reputation is second-to-none, and you will quickly see why we are one of the most highly rated full-service garages in the local area.

Many times, we get asked by our customers when they should come in for a brake service. We typically use two indicators: 1 – If you hear a loud squealing noise, then your pads are likely past the point of needing replacement, or 2 – Based on the number of miles you have driven since the last service. With the stop and go traffic that we see around the city, the mileage driven is not necessarily the best indicator, so just ask our staff when you call. We like to save our customers money, and one of the ways we do this is by encouraging them to seek out services at the right timeframe for the auto. We also believe in passing along savings to our customers, and you will find all of our service costs to be some of the most competitively priced in the local area. Other indications that you might want to come in for a brake service include slipping, and you can always just ask us for a free assessment while you get your oil changed as well.

Brake Shop

At Rocky’s Auto Service Long Beach, we aim to be your number one choice when it comes to finding a quality brake shop that you can trust. During our more than 16 years of being in business, our service technicians have become some of the top experts in the brake service and repair field that you will find in Long Beach. We are also consistently ranked in the top of all service garages from our commitment to the training and education of our staff. You will be simply amazed at the quality of work our team consistently delivers, and we always stand behind their work 100%. Whether you notice issues with your brakes like them pulling to the side, pulsating, or just making unusual noises, you should bring our auto in for a comprehensive brake inspection. Our techs will thoroughly inspect the brake system, and we will make a solid recommendation to you on the recommended way forward. The last thing you want to do is take a big risk with one of the most important safety systems on today’s cars.

Another big indicator that you should look out for is if the warning light for the ABS system is illuminated on your vehicle. Most of the time, this means that you have some potentially big issues, that you should not delay in seeking out a professional assessment on, and we can do that for you at our shop. Our team always uses manufacturer approved tools, parts, and materials on your vehicle, and we aim to please. Not all shops do this, so it is important that if you are shopping around, you seek out a shop with a similar service reputation for quality that our team has built up over the years. We will always give you a free quote on our work, and our team will treat your right.